$100 Disney Sandwich, Chocolate Cicadas, Allrecipes Snapchat Update Plus More Food News [VIDEO]

$100 Disney Sandwich, Chocolate Cicadas, Allrecipes Snapchat Update Plus More Food News [VIDEO]

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Now here are this week’s 5 top headlines!



Will we be eating cicadas this summer?

As cicadas emerge, the world prepares to feast…on them. Well, that is in some countries outside the US and Europe insects are a delicacy, and it sounds like cicadas may be making it on people’s plates. Though it may sounds quiet unappetizing, this week an NBC article highlighted that insects like cicadas may pack a lot of protein and in fact many insects can provide as much nutrient as read meat and some even have minerals and vitamins.


This chocolate candy will either make you curious or cringne... 


In more cicada news a chocolate shop Chouquette Chocolates in Gaithersburg, Maryland is turning these big winged bugs, into chocolate candies. Once prepped and air fried the cicadas are coated in milk chocolate and various spices for a snack that you won’t be able to get again for another 17 years.


Would you pay$100 for a sandwich? It might not be such a bad deal. Here's why.


Disneyland’s Avengers campus will open on June 4th and its campus restaurant will offer a $100 sandwich. Yep, you heard that right, a $100 sandwich. Fortunately, though the sandwich is meant to feed 6-8 people. The massive sandwich is joining other shrunken and supersized meals inspired by the franchise theme.


This collaboration is kicking the Fried Chicken Sandwich Wars into a different gear.


Pringles has created chips inspired by Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich which they plan to release next month. The chips will be available for a limited time only and each signature Pringles tube will also come with a coupon for a free Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich. This is a collaboration of two beloved products and the brands and products is not the first. Pringles and Wendy’s have previously partnered for the successful Pringles Baconator.


Snapchat may be grooming the next generation of chefs with this new feature.


The community-driven recipe platform, Allrecipes has announced that it is now the exclusive partner for Snapchat’s Scan feature within the food category. This means that when Snapchatters take a picture of an ingredient through the Snapchat camera they will then be served up with recipes that use that specific ingredient. The feature will be available this year.