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About Yummiewear

How Yummiewear Started... 

Yummiewear was first born when our founder, Michaela participated in her first fitness competition. Michaela trained for her competition for 10 grueling weeks and her diet was reduced to grilled chicken and steamed broccoli. Though this diet was the nature of the game, she struggled with satisfying her raging sweet tooth and burger cravings during her training and she quickly began to lose steam. One day after an innocent slip up and a chocolate muffin, a chocolate bar and a slice of pizza later, Michaela realized that her diet was anything but balanced, and in fact what would have added sustainability was the very foods she had to stay away from.  This epiphany led to the birth of Yummiewear. 

Now, Michaela works along with her sister Martina who is the artist of all their designs, to create t-shirts that positively celebrate the very foods that are typically seen as the antithesis of any diet. Each t-shirt represents an even broader message which is that anyone that is working towards a goal needs to embrace balance as part of the journey.

All of the art is drawn by Martina using an iPad. 

Our Mission... 

Our mission is to spread positivity about food and self image. Our designs
feature yummy foods, and we hope that when women wear a Yummiewear shirt
they feel the freedom to eat what they want and be who they want to be.

Our Mantra...

Balance > Sacrifice 

From our experience, we've learned that we can achieve our goals without depriving ourselves of the things that make us happy.

Our Inspiration... 

We are definitely inspired by comfort food. We use our taste buds to guide us first, and then we ask ourselves “would this food look yummy on a tee?”. We also look closely at color. We love to draw foods that have fun, bright and complementing colors. Essentially we want the colors to elicit yumminess as well. Finally, we are inspired by pop culture and past trends. When drawing our designs, our artist Martina, always tries to find a way to transform a comfort food into something that is beyond the food itself.

Our Shirts... 

We make sure that all of our shirts are super soft. The idea behind this is that we want our shirts to feel as delicious as the food they represent.

All of our t-shirts are printed in our home state of New Jersey and neighboring state, New York. Having our printer close to us has been a key ingredient in our business because we are able to have a face to face relationship. When it comes to the shirts themselves, we source them from a manufacturer in California. 


Sustainability for us means sourcing as locally as possible. All of our t-shirts are printed locally to us in New Jersey and New York. Having our printer close to us gives us a better understanding of what goes into printing each of our shirts and thus we are able to make good decisions.  

When it comes to the shirts themselves, we source them from a manufacturer in California that abides by and maintains the state’s highest standards of eco-friendliness. Their dyeing process allows them to use 7 times less water than competitors, saving 24 gallons of water a week. They also ensure that none of the water is getting dumped back into rivers and oceans.

We believe it’s important to partner with businesses who are conscientious and efficient. Not only is there conservation at play, but there is a lot of creativity in working smarter and better. 

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