2018 Yummiewear Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday shopping season is upon us, and at this point, you’re getting tired of looking at the list of people you need to buy gifts for… Put your pen down! We have our Yummiewear Holiday Gift Guide ready to solve some of your toughest buys.


1. Yummiewear Hat - For your teenage sister. Whether she’s posting selfies on social media or sulking from underneath the brim, this cap in a cool grey will be her new best friend. And don’t tell her this part, but your cool gift will also protect her pretty little face from the sun’s harmful rays. Well played, sis.

2. Cat Cone Onesie - For the office secret Santa (who is expecting!). Soon-to-be-moms are tricky to buy for. They’ve been showered in baby themed gifts for months. They practically own Bed Bath and Beyond. Well, we guarantee their bundle of joy doesn’t yet have a onesie with a cat and ice cream on it! Done.

3. Dolla Pizza Tank - For your college friend. Memories of downing an entire pizza in your dorm room after happy hour turned into a bar crawl… Give your long-time bestie a friendly reminder that you’re her original ride or die.

4. Heart Burger Hoodie - Are you kidding? Get this for yourself! This hoodie and this long sleeve tee are the only ways to get your hands on our SOLD OUT burger heart patch, which is placed right on the shoulder, along with cut out sleeves.

5. Cat Cone Tee - For your brother’s girlfriend. Maybe you don’t have much in common with her, but if she didn’t like cats or ice cream, you definitely wouldn’t let her date your brother. This tee is your common ground.