5 Deliciously Comfy Pizza T-shirts That Will Get You Through 2021

5 Deliciously Comfy Pizza T-shirts That Will Get You Through 2021

The perfect pizza shirt starts with a soft foundation...

Studies have shown that in times of uncertainty when we as humans experience sadness and anxiety, we tend to gravitate towards soft and smooth textures. In fact, research also points to the idea that, in general, textures and emotions are closely correlated as we naturally tend to just simply like softer surfaces and dislike courser, rougher ones. Softer textures elicit happiness and comfortability. The idea of the skin and brain deciphering between textures may seem like a rather simple concept, but it is actually a more intricate process as depicted in experiments performed by Sliman Bensmaia, associate professor at the University of Chicago. Bensmaia says we have the "ability to sense elements ranging in size from tens of nanometers to tens of millimeters." This ability to sense elements connects our skin to our brain stimulating neurons to varying degrees depending on what we touch. In other words, there are no specific neurons that are attached to specific textures, but rather specific textures activate neurons more than others.  Now that's impressive and worth appreciating!

At Yummiewear, this idea of how texture makes us feel has not eluded us. It is not a coincidence that one of our first priorities, alongside the visual component of creating delicious art (see the behind the scenes) , was to offer softness and comfort. Our vision, no matter the mood or time we were in, always was and always is to give our customers a t-shirt that creates a memorable tactile impression. As a matter of fact, if we had a dollar for everytime one of our customers said " Wow, this t-shirt is soooo soft", well lets just say we would be swimming in a sea of delicious melted mozzarella surrounded by all-you-can-eat pizza pies. Well, I suppose a girl can dream!

Now, without further ado here are five pizza t-shirt and tees you won't want to take off. Why? Because they are so soft to the skin, your neurons will be doing a happy dance all 2021 long!


Pizza Gives Me Wings Slouchy T-Shirt

With pizza wings on the back and "Pizza Gives Me Wings" on the front, this t-shirt is true to its name. Made from a poly viscose blend, this head-turning t-shirt is incredibly silky and soft against the skin. The poly viscose blend is knit in such way that there are no pieces of thread or debris within the fabric thus yielding a super comfortable feel when sits on the skin. Further,  the slouchy fit which is both form flattering and it also very comfortable since it doesn't hug anything too tightly. The scooped neck offers a dual style option. You can shift it to one side for an off the shoulder look or keep it as is for a more basic style.
t-shirt with pizza wings on the back



Pizza Record Crop T-Shirt

Just like a pepperoni pizza pie, this pizza crop tee is delicious but to the touch. It is made of a super soft and breathable tri blend fabric you'll love, and the ice blue color is incredibly unique. This crop tee is versatile and can be worn on multiple occasions. Its flowy body and deep armholes make motion seamless and promote airflow, so a workout in this crop can feel like a treat. On the flip side, you can also pair this pizza crop tee with a pair of high waisted bottoms or leggings (these days even sweatpants) and wear it during the day. We'll leave it to you!

festival crop t-shirt with pizza record design



 Spin Me Right Round Pizza Boxy Pizza T-Shirt

Just like our Pizza Gives Me Wing T-Shirt, this boxy pizza shirt is very similar to our slouchy t-shirts. Both are made from super soft poly viscose material that just feels magical against the skin and to the touch. However, this boxy tee is more cropped and has a as it's implied in its name "boxier" cut. Now cropped and boxy may initially sound like a combo that's hard to imagine in your daily wardrobe, but it's a very comfy and flattering fit. Due to its flowiness, loose sleeves, and shorter length, this t-shirt makes a great companion at the gym. First and foremost, the fabric breathes well and does not trap moisture and the cut promotes airflow. These same features also make this a perfect tee for any old summer day outside the gym.

flowy and box t-shirt with pizza record print




Spin Me Right Round Pizza T-Shirt

We are pretty sure that by now you may be humming a certain tune in your head. A tune that goes to something like this "You spin me right round..." Well, don't worry, this t-shirt gets us every time as well. As a matter of fact, as we write this blog we are humming along with you, and just as the tune may be addicting so will this t-shirt. This t-shirt is made of super soft poly and Airlume cotton blend. Now, we have already established that polyblends are the feel-good fabrics, but what about cotton? Not all cotton is made the same, but Airlume cotton is the cream of the crop. Why you ask? Well, the Airlume cotton in these t-shirts is thoroughly combed and filtered thus yielding a super clean cotton, and this is important because cotton contains a lot of debris in its natural state. If  a cotton tee feels stiff and scratchy that is because it hasn't be combed and spun. If the fibers aren't filtered and spun tightly (without lose fibers) the cotton will feel harsher against the skin. The good news is, is this pizza t-shirt is as smooth as can be!

ice blue airlume cotton t-shirt with pizza record graphic




Dolla Slice Tank Top

Now, we know that this next one isn't actually a t-shirt, but we couldn't not mention it here. Why? The Dolla Slice Tank is one of our best-sellers. It is inspired by New York City style dollar pizza slices and yet again the fit and feel of this shirt is delicious, just like a fresh hot slice of pizza. This is a flowy tank top made of a silky poly viscose blend and it features side slits at the hips and a high low hem. The fit is really form flattering no matter your body type. 

pink flowy tank top with pepperoni slice graphic