A list of the best Ukrainian Restaurants in the US plus more food news this week

A list of the best Ukrainian Restaurants in the US plus more food news this week

Mashed released a guide to the best Ukrainian restaurants in the US.


Media outlet Mashed has release a comprehensive list of the best Ukrainian restaurants throughout the US. For those that are interested in patroning and supporting a community of Ukrainian-owned restaurants, the article profiles restaurants throughout the whole US. Stretching from a small city in Washington state to big cities like Philly, NYC and Chicago, many will find that they have access to these delicious eateries. Many of these restaurant feature traditional Ukrainian specialties like varenyky and pelmeni alongside other eastern European inspired dishes.



Your future batch of Chipotle tortilla chips may be made by a robot.


Chipotle is currently training its first culinary robot at the Chipotle Cultivate Center in Irvine California. This robot, named Chippy created by Miso Robotics is tasked with making tortilla chips. Chipotle sees the future in this robot and robotic technologies because it will allow its employees to focus on other tasks while further enhancing customer service. The robot is being trained to make Chipotle tortilla chips using the traditional recipe, and its also being trained to add a human touch to each batch. Often customers are used to getting a few chips in their batch with a little bit more salt and lime, and these are the little intricacies that Chipotle’s robot will continue carry on. The robot will be integrated into Chipotle’s restaurant in Southern California later this year.



Would you eat lasagna out of a toothpaste tube?


Twenty-four year old Italian Chef Valerio Braschi of Ristorante 1987 in the Rome is adding a little bit of controversy and wow-factor to his dishes. The Chef is experimenting with the vision of everyday items and processes and infusing them into his dishes. For example, he has created a tube of toothpaste that dispenses lasagna. This lasagna is squeeze onto a “toothbrush” made of oven-baked egg pasta. According to the chef, this dish is was inspired by his reminiscence of waking up in the morning and eating leftover lasagna. Other dishes include a lasagna lollipop featuring ragout sauce and béchamel sauce, a test tube that serves Italy’s iconic Bruschetta dish, and a meat drink made of emulsified beef.