New chips that taste taboo plus more news this week.

New chips that taste taboo plus more news this week.

This week's news features some taboo storylines, but it's not short on flavor and surprise.


These chips are “breaking the rules” by featuring flavors of illegal foods.

It may seem surprising to hear that an art collective is the creator behind the newest brand of potato chips, but when the potato chips feature three flavors of foods that are deemed illegal in the states it might actually make sense. MSCHF, a Brooklyn based art collective has created a new brand of eye-brow raising flavors. The potato chips sold under the brand name Illegal Chips are shocking in that they feature 3 flavors that include horse meat, fugu (poisonous blowfish) and Casu Marzu ( an Italian cheese with maggots) -- which are all very illegal foods (but not flavors) here in the United States. However, what may be even more shocking about these chips is how spot on the artificial flavoring is to the real food according to sources. Their very existence may just highlight how sophisticated and close we can get to certain foods that are out of reach through artificial flavoring and technology.  For those with unbridled curiosity and a propensity for going against the grain, these brave flavors can be purchased in a set of 3 for $12 and this price also includes a 4th random bag. 

Move over PSL season, it’s Red Season, and here’s what that means.

Starbucks has teamed up with Taylor Swift to celebrate the release of her new Red Album. This means that Taylor Swift fans will be able to drink the singer’s favorite Starbuck drink - a Grande Caramel Nonfat Latte. Fans will also be able to gift other Swift fans with Starbucks gift cards that feature the artist's lyrics on them. Starbucks has coined this exciting time as Red Season.