Coronavirus Quarantine: FREE Online Exercise Classes, E-Books, Online Education and More

Coronavirus Quarantine: FREE Online Exercise Classes, E-Books, Online Education and More

We are experiencing some crazy times at the moment. Who would have thought that 2020 was going to be the year a Pandemic broke out and you would be forced to separate yourself from the rest of the world? That question alone sounds like a teaser for some upcoming Sci Fi Thriller flick. Unfortunately, we aren’t actors in a movie and no this year isn’t actually being written by Stephen King. This is real and serious and we need to social distance however possible. Social distancing may be the key to beating this pandemic but it certainly isn’t easy on the mind and body. In many of our cases, it means we are confined to our homes - by ourselves, with loved ones and even with our kids. This throws off our routine and the balance we seek in our lives. At Yummiewear, we believe in living a balanced life and we believe that you shouldn’t deny yourself the things that make you happy. In our case, it's donuts, ice cream and all kinds of comfort foods. However, in extreme cases, like this outbreak, our balance is threatened in every aspect of our lives (not just food) and right now we don’t get to do a lot of the things that make us happy. With that said, just like our immune system, we need ways to keep our morale and sanity at an all-time high. Below I have compiled a list of FREE activities you can do from the comfort of your home.  I’ll keep this blog post updated with new ideas as time goes on, so make sure to check in often.


Exercise Programs and Workouts



Fitness Blender

These guys are my favorite! I actually use their workouts on a daily basis to stay fit; I prefer to workout from home. This husband-wife duo (Daniel and Kelli) have made over 500 free workouts available to anyone via their site and YouTube. They aren’t all just free and available now, but always have been and will be. You can sort through HITT, strength, cardio and pilates workouts, and you can also select whether you want to use equipment like dumbbells or just use bodyweight. They do also offer some paid programs if you are looking for a more guided experience, but even these workouts start as low as $15 for a 30-day program. Their FB Plus programs start at $11.99 a month. I highly recommend you check out their free workout videos. Again they are free and no sign up is required.

Yoga With Adriene

I am sure many of you know of Yoga With Adriene, but I think especially now her YouTube videos may prove to be extra helpful. She has one video in particular, that I do very often to alleviate my anxiety. So, even if you aren’t a Yoga buff like me give her a try or at least try out this video for amazing anxiety and stress.


Virtual Gym Classes

For many, the gym is a place of solace and at the moment many gyms around the country are closing their doors to help keep the virus from spreading. This means that your regular gym routine has been uprooted and it may have you wondering what now? How can I continue to stay in shape but more importantly how can I continue to stay motivated? Good news though. There may be a way and it can also be done from home. This helpful CBS article highlights all the gyms and fitness studios that are offering FREE virtual classes that you can stream at home. The gyms and studios that are offering these classes include but aren’t limited to Blink Fitness, Orange Theory, Planet Fitness, and even Barry’s Boot Camp.






If you have a library card, you may have access to hundreds of e-books throughout your county’s library system. Just visit Rakuten’s Overdrive, and head over to the Find Your Library link to the right of the search tool. Simply look up your local library by inputting your zip code to see if they participate. If they participate, you’ll notice a light blue “website” button next to your library system’s name. Tap it and then sign in using your library card information. If you have a kindle you can sort by Kindle books and send a digital book straight to your kindle. You can also download an e-reader app like Libbey to your mobile device.

New York Public Library E- Reader

If you are a New York resident or New York student with a library card, the New York Public Library is now offering access to download 300,000 books from their e-library. To get access, download NYPL’s e-reader SimplyE. You’ll notice that just by downloading SimplyE you’ll have access to free downloads without even entering a library card. However, in order to have access to NYPL’s books, you’ll need to add your library using your New York library card.

Amazon Prime Reading

I think it’s safe to say that many of us have Amazon Prime. If not you can still take advantage of some free reading on Amazon, but I'll get to that next. As an Amazon Prime member, you have access to their Amazon Prime Reading where you can read hundreds of books for free either via your kindle or your tablet and computer. Now if you do not have access to Amazon Prime, I recommend checking out Kindle Unlimited. This is a paid reading subscription but at the moment they are offering two months FREE.

Storyline for the Kids

Here’s a little something for the kiddos too. Storyline offers free video stories to young children. The stories are told by actors and various celebrities. Check out their stories here.

Also, if you are looking to shake up your children's bedtime routine, take a look at Story Time From Space. This site features videos bedtime stories told by astronauts who are on missions in outer space.  


Online Learning 




This may just be the time to learn something new. Check out as they have over 2500 plus online courses from 140 institutions which also include Ivy League schools like Harvard and Stanford. The best part is that they also offer many free online courses. 


You may find that you have a completely new job during this outbreak that comes with the title: Teacher. Most schools in the US are now closed, and you may need to find ways to teach your children on your own. Not every district or school offers online learning. If you are looking for fun learning activities to do with your children check out Kids Activities Blog. In fact, they have a whole page “Stuck At Home” dedicated to this new unchartered territory.

Further, the pandemic has caused many things to change, such as the way we work, interact with each other, and even how we celebrate. Independence Day, Thanksgiving, and New Year’s Eve were just some of the many holidays that were altered in 2020. 

For families, spring break is often a time to celebrate, unwind, and ring in the equinox. And although we’re mid-pandemic, there are many ways families can safely celebrate the season.

That’s why Bankrate's  team created a guide to prevent kids from missing out on the first “holiday” of 2021: 

Their guide includes:

  • Ways to Celebrate at Home
  • Backyard ‘Getaway’ Ideas
  • Safety Tips When Having Guests
  • Flying and Road Travel Safety Tips
  • Airbnb Safety Protocol for Hosts and Guests


Virtual Cooking Classes



You may have gone a little crazy with the amount of food you procured at the supermarket, and now you’ll need ideas on how to cook with said food. Check out Taste Made for some free virtual courses. You can learn to make pies, meal prep, cook one pot dinners and more. I’d also like to mention that if you are up for the cooking challenge, Micheline Star chef Massimo Bottura is offering nightly virtual cooking classes via his Instagram for free. 


Culture and entertainment



If you are an Opera buff or would love to see one, now is the time because the Metropolitan Opera house in New York City is streaming it's Opera at night. You can enjoy them on your TV, but you only have till March 22nd to get a glimpse into the world of Opera. But, still how cool is that - you can see an Opera and never leave your couch? Get more information regarding the Opera’s free streaming here. Similarly, and to boost your cultural quarantine experience, even more, various art museums around the world are offering free virtual tours. Check out their online exhibits and also head over to this Travel and Leisure article for a list of virtual tours. 



I am sure there are many more ideas and activities that I haven’t touched upon and as they come up I will add them to this page. Feel free to email us at if you have free virtual and online ideas that we can add to this blog post. Also, as you sit at home streaming your opera or as you work out to a Barry’s Boot camp video, make sure you have a super comfy top or tee to do it in. Check out our collection of Yummiewear junk food-themed tops. Not only are they delicious but they are so soft and comfortable you’ll basically live in them.