Deliver your own pizza and get a $3 tip, plus more news this week.

Deliver your own pizza and get a $3 tip, plus more news this week.

The largest pizza chain in the world will tip you if you deliver your own order.

Starting now through May 22, 2022, Domino's Pizza will tip any customer that places a carry out order. The company stated that anyone that takes the time out of their day to drive to a Domino's location to pick up their order is in essence acting as their own delivery driver. As such, carry out customers deserve a tip just like any delivery driver. To take advantage of this limited time deal, Dominos customers can claim a $3 tip online, and they can use the credit on a subsequent order.


World Nutella Day day is Saturday and it was started by a blogger.

Saturday, February 5th is World Nutella Day, but the brand isn’t the one who started this well-loved day. According to Nutella’s press release, World Nutella Day was started by an American blogger named Sara Rosso. In a 2013 Huffpost article, Rosso, a super-fan of the hazelnut spread, stated that she was initially served with a cease and desist letter from Nutella to stop publishing and using their name. At the time she was living in Italy and had garnered an impressive following on her Facebook page based on her love of the iconic spread. The company later ended up dropping its cease and desist, and as a result, this also appeared to save World Nutella Day. This year, to celebrate this global event, Nutella is collaborating with actress Clair Holt and pancake artists Dancakes who will show fans how they enjoy and use Nutella to create special moments and meals around this well-loved spread.


The National Chicken Council states in a press release that there won’t be a chicken wing shortage for Super Bowl weekend.

According to the National Chicken Council, prices of chicken wings have gone up but so have chicken wing sales. The organization's insights shows that chicken wing sales have increased in both Cincinnati and Los Angeles as fans get ready to watch the Cincinnati Bengals and the Los Angeles Rams play against each other.

Despite rising costs and demand, the National Chicken Council says that we should not experience a chicken wing shortage, and the organization anticipates that Americans will eat about 1.42 billion wings during this years Super Bowl Weekend.  

The Council's press release mentions indicates that one of the ways the industry was able to keep up with the chicken wing demand was to sell chickens intended to be sold whole for parts like chicken wings. There has also been a lot planning on the part of of the food industry to ensure that demand is met for this big occasion.


Ikea will serve you 3D printed Swedish Meatballs at an interview with them.

Ikea will serve 3D printed Swedish meatballs to select job applicants and interviewees starting this month. According to the company's press release, this move is part of their Taste The Future recruitment campaign, which was designed to bring together creative thinkers for new technology and innovation roles. As such, you won’t find the 3D meatballs at any of its locations; the 3D meatballs are strictly reserved for interviews. They will be used as springboard for creative conversations around using 3D printing to grow and meet the company's sustainability efforts and commitments. Ikea has a goal to offer 50% plant-based meals at its locations by year 2025, and 3D printing technology may be one way the company is considering meeting this goal.


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