How would you fill in this sentence?

How would you fill in this sentence?

Have your ______, and eat it too.


Michaela, Yummiewear's founder here.

I wanted to personally introduce to you our new Fill in the Blank Shirt

I am so excited to launch this new t-shirt design because it represents the essence of where Yummiewear started.

The saying goes, “You can’t have your cake and eat it too”, meaning you can’t have it all.  I beg to differ though — at least when it comes to food.

You see, I started Yummiewear during my figure competition days. 

This was a time filled with grueling workouts and a strict diet. I have always loved a variety of foods. However, in order to get into peak condition, I had to buckle down and sacrifice.

That’s right, sacrifice. Sacrifice —that pizza, those burgers, and my beloved greek food dinners —for the medal.

After a year of competing, my body was laser-toned, but my mind lacked the same luster. Why?

Well, simply put, my life was missing a piece of what made me me. I am a foodie, after all! 

Yummiewear became a way for me to celebrate comfort foods with which society often has a complicated relationship.

After having my diet stripped down to tilapia and broccoli every day, I realized that life is not about sacrifice. It’s actually all about balance. 

ALL food is a part of life.

Now I use a simple equation to remind myself of that:


balance > sacrifice


So, going back to the saying above: by choosing balance over sacrifice “you can have your cake and eat it too”. Maybe not every day, but you can have it all in moderation.

Give yourself the permission to enjoy and indulge today, and do it with our new customizable Fill in the Blank Tee! 

How it works: 1) Select a style tee 2) Choose from our selection of foods. 3) Or select "custom" to fill in the blank with your own food choice.

What food will you fill it in with?