How to style a slouchy t-shirt 4 simple ways

How to style a slouchy t-shirt

Tips for how to wear a slouchy t-shirt to achieve various looks throughout the day or week.


What is a slouchy t-shirt?


A slouchy fit t-shirt is a flowy top with a wide scoop neckline that creates a slouchy looking fit and look. This style of the t-shirt can have long sleeves or short sleeves, but in this article, we will focus on styling a short-sleeved slouchy t-shirt.


Our best-selling style t-shirt is the slouchy t-shirt. Our customers love these style t-shirts for many reasons including that these tees are flowy making them “cozy” and “comfy” to tackle day-to-day activities in. They love that they are soft — thanks to the poly viscous fabrication— which is what makes it feel like silk against the skin. Last but certainly not least, our customers also love that these shirts retain their size, and they don’t shrink in the wash and dryer like a cotton tee.


The flowy nature of the slouchy t-shirts and the wide neckline is what make these comfortable shirts so fun to style. There is room to play with without having to dress the t-shirt up with other apparel.


We have had many women ask us how to best style their slouchy t-shirts, and so we decided to put together a little style guide. Below we’ll discuss how to wear a slouchy t-shirt fashionably in three simple ways. Whether you are styling a white slouchy t-shirt or a slouchy t-shirt with a graphic, these three tips apply.


How to style a slouchy t-shirt.

Knot your slouchy tee.

Knotted Slouchy T-Shirt

The flowy nature of a slouchy tee will have it drape more loosely around your waist and hips than a more fitted shirt. Knotting your slouchy t-shirt is a great way to cinch things in a bit. The knot depending on how you tie it can bring the tee up above your hips, and you can control if you want it to cover the stomach area or show a little bit of midriff.

Some of our customers even wear their slouchy tees to the gym and the knot is a great way to tame a long slouchy t-shirt so that you don’t get tangled up as you go through your moves.


With a simple move, a slouchy top can be worn off the shoulder.

off the shoulder slouchy t-shirt


This is a very simple styling trip for a slouch t-shirt. The wide scoop neck has a special function; simply move the neckline off-center and pull down on the side where you want to expose a little skin. The slouchy t-shirt’s neckline has a dual style function that can go from scoop neck to off the shoulder in a matter of seconds. As you can see in the image below, you can also pair the off-the-shoulder slouchy t-shirt look with a knot or even dress up a long slouch t-shirt with it.


Simply tuck it in.

white slouchy t-shirt tucked into jeans

This is also a great way to style a white slouchy t-shirt with jeans. While, with the looks above which you can wear with almost any bottom, this styling tip is great for simple jeans and tee look. There’s not much more to it, but just like with a fitted tee, the slouchy tee's versatility allows it to be tucked in just like that. A nice pair of higher-waisted jeans makes a great partner to this style shirt.


A bralette with cute straps can add a nice touch.

A slouchy t-shirt by the nature of its scoop neck will go out more towards the shoulders. With this in mind, a bralette with a cute strap can add a little something special to the off-the-shoulder look, or even to the neckline as is. It’s almost like adding a necklace to a bare neck; the straps can anchor the look.




A slouchy t-shirt has a versatile style, and it has always been one of our best-selling styles. The super-soft poly viscose fabrication feels like you are draped in a silky fabric and the flowy style gives way to many options. Like a simple black dress for all occasions, this t-shirt style can be worn across many activities throughout the day without having to add much or change much up.