This ice cream company is using an unexpected ingredient plus more news. [Weekly News Round Up 5-7-21]

This ice cream company is using an unexpected ingredient plus more news. [Weekly News Round Up 5-7-21]

These ice cream companies have you covered if you are looking for healthy ice cream options.


This week's news churned up a lot of ice cream headlines, and it appears that this summer your comfort food cravings may include some heart-healthy options.


Plant-based ice cream brand Wildgood has launched 8 ice cream flavors made with extra virgin olive oil. The company was created by a Greek artisanal ice cream maker and according to the company’s press release, the olive oil comes from olives that are pressed at the family’s olive grove in Greece. The olive oil is then sent to the US where it is combined with various other ingredients to create the final product. The company’s new flavors include chocolate, vanilla bean, coffee, mango, pistachio, chocolate hazelnut, sea salt caramel, and mint chocolate chip.


Another health-minded ice cream company, Halo Top ice cream, has released three new frozen treats. The new additions include 80 calorie protein-packed Fudge pops and two ice cream pints. The two ice cream pints include Chocolate Caramel Brownie and Vanilla Caramel Milkshake flavors, and they are filled with brownie pieces, caramel, chocolate, and vanilla ice cream.


And last but not least, Ben and Jerry’s officially now has 19 non-dairy options available and is now the top producer of premium non-dairy desserts according to the company’s press release. Among the non-dairy options are ice creams that have been inspired by various collaborative efforts that promote social action as well as non-dairy versions of classics like Karamel Sutra and Phish Food ice cream The company has also introduced flavors inspired by late-night show segments and their hosts (Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon) to the non-dairy line-up.


For sandwich lovers, this week's news is stacked with a new opening and a sandwich that is actually a pizza.


National franchise, Capriottis Sandwich shop, known for its handcrafted sandwiches like the Bobbie and its 40-year tradition of slow-roasting whole turkeys in house has opened up its first Brooklyn location. The new shop will be at 88 Livingston Street in Brooklyn.


Nationwide Detroit style deep dish pizza shop, Jet’s Pizza, has just launched a specialty pizza called the Italian Hero. It is inspired by the Italian sandwich and features mozzarella, salami, ham, tomato, mild peppers with a side of Italian dressing.  The pizza will only be available in May and June.




These burger joints have some surprising news, and one of them turns 100 years old this year.



This past Monday, May 3rd,  White Castle officially opened up its largest free-standing location called the Orlando Castle in Orlando Florida. The location has hired 140 employees! White Castle has been around for 100 years, and this new central Florida location marks the restaurant’s return to Florida. Its last Florida location was in Miami where it operated four restaurants back in the 1960s. Now, the new central Florida location is in southeast Orlando at The Village in O-Town West




It’s National Burger Month, and Wendy’s has launched a Bourbon Bacon Cheeseburger. The company’s chief marketing officer says this cheeseburger-bourbon combo was made to celebrate two classic American icons. It is composed of a sweet and savory Bourbon Bacon sauce, American cheese, crispy bacon, crunchy onions, and a toasted bun. Right now the special edition burger is available for free for a limited time via Postmates (May 6th-May 9th, use code Bourbon), or you can grab one at Wendy’s drive-through for $5.39.




Your pool days may feel like a tropical vacation with this hard seltzer news.



On May 10th, hard seltzer brand Truly is releasing Truly Punch Hard Seltzers which feature four-punch flavors — Tropical, Fruit, Citrus, and Berry. Like all the company’s seltzers, these will also have 1 gram of sugar, 100 calories, and 5 percent alcohol.




This popular cookie brand added something new to its cookies, but only for a limited time.


Cookie brand Chips Ahoy! is launching a new cookie later this Month, according to Taste of Home. The cookies’ iconic chocolate chips will be joined by gold candy morsels for a special collaboration with America’s Got talent.  The limited-edition Chips Ahoy! will be available later this month at stores that normally carry Chips Ahoy! cookies. Stay tuned!



And that’s all for this week's food news digest! Join us next week for more news headlines.