If You Are A Foodie You May Love This Google Maps Update Plus More News [Weekly News Round Up 5-21-21]

If You Are A Foodie You May Love This Google Maps Update Plus More News [Weekly News Round Up 5-21-21]

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Now here are this week’s top headlines!



A tropical vacations awaits you with these donuts.

This Monday, Krispy Kreme started transporting donut-lover’s taste buds to an island vacation with their three new tropical-themed donut flavors. The three new doughnuts feature flavors like Pina Colada, coconut, cherry, key lime and one even dons palm tree art on it. However, like every vacation which eventually comes to an end, the availability of these limited edition donuts will soon too. Namely, the returning fan-favorite Key Lime Doughnut will only be available till May 28th.

If you like pickles then you may love this seltzer.

An instagram post about a hard pickle seltzer that started our as an April fools joke last year for drinkware company BruMate, has now turned into an exciting reality. The company’s instagram post received so much love for this then “made-up” drink, that Brut Mate partnered with spiked beverage maker Crook & Marker to make a real a pickle hard seltzer called Afternoon Dillight. The two companies say that this limited-run hard seltzer will feature a savory dill-flavor and it will have 5% alcohol by volume and 100 calories.


This Google Maps update will find you the right food and the right time.  

Google will make sure you never miss a good cup of Joe or donut in the morning with their newest Google Maps updates. This week Google announced updates to their map technology, and one of the updates may turn out to be a foodie favorite if you ask us. According to the tech giant, now you’ll be presented with time-relevant food and beverage options. For instance in the morning Google Maps will give priority to coffee shop listings in your area, and conversely at dinner times you’ll see restaurants serving nighttime fare instead of morning brew.


Move over pizza bagels and hello pizza donut. 

This week for National Pizza Party Day Hormel Pepperoni and The Doughnut Project partnered to create a pepperoni pizza donut. This savory mash up of the two beloved comfort foods featured traditional pizza toppings like marinara sauce, fresh mozzarella and Hormel’s Pepperoni Cup N’ Crisp on a plain unglazed donut.


If you guess right then this chips brand will fatten up your wallet.

Snack-maker Herr’s is holding a mystery challenge through August 31st, and it’s asking fans to identify three flavors in their new Flavor Mix Mystery Chips bag. The winner gets 10,000 dollars  and years worth of Herr’s. If would love access to all you can eat potato chips and an extra $10,000 in your wallet, then you’ll want to grab a bag of snack-maker’s Herr’s latest bag of Flavor Mix Mystery Chips. The company will announce hints on its social media along the way, and contestants can use the company’s 15 existing flavors as a guide to choose from.