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International Sushi Day 2020 is Here! But, Wait What Does That Mean?

Posted by Martina Krivankova on

When is International Sushi Day?

International Sushi Day falls on June 18th. This year it's on a Thursday!

 How did international sushi day start?

International Sushi Day started as a way to promote sushi and to get more people to try it. 

Who invented sushi and where did they originate?

This dish is typically viewed as a Japanese, but it actually originates in Southeastern Asia under the name narezushi. This dish is actually more of a preservation process and it involves salted fish being preserved in fermented rice. The rice would then be discarded and the fish would be consumed.

The sushi that we are more used to now, originated between 1600 and 1800 in Tokyo, and this dish involved fresh fish served over fermented rice. This technique was said to be perfected by chef Hanaya Yohei in 1824.

Here at Yummiewear, we are sushi lovers, and many of our fans and customers are too! To celebrate International Sushi Day, we are launching a line of sushi inspired tees and tanks. Get a sneak peek below as we draw up some delicious rolls!






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