5 Donut Questions Answered on 2020 National Donut Day + A Special Treat

5 Donut Questions Answered on 2020 National Donut Day + A Special Treat

When is National Donut Day?

Today, June 5th is National Donut Day. Woo!

Where did national donut day come from?

National Donut Day was a fundraiser started by Chicago's The Salvation Army in 1938. It had two goals. First, it was intended to raise money for those in need during the Great Depression, and second, it was created to honor "Doughnut Girls" or The Salvation Army Lassies of World War II. These gals served up donuts and treats to soldiers.

Who invented donuts and where did they originate?

 The Dutch introduced and brought donuts with them to New York upon settling there. However, their donuts did not have the traditional hole in the middle that we are so used to. 

When it comes to the hole in the center of the donut, there are two theories. One, an American by the name of Hanson Gregory claimed to have invented donut with a hole aboard a ship in 1947. He claims to have punched a hole using a round tin and later taught the technique to his mother. And two, the wife of Baron Thomas Dimsdale came up with a "dow nut" hole recipe which was later found in her recipe book from circa 1800.

How are donuts made?

Donut dough is mixed, shaped, and dropped into a fryer with hot oil. The final product is then glazed. 

Where can I get a free donut today?

Head over to your local Dunkin Donuts or Krispy Kreme to score a FREE donut today! 

Special Treat

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