This Chinese food t-shirt has a special feature you can customize

This Chinese food t-shirt has a special feature you can customize

Is there a message (to yourself) or quote that you'd like carry with you? If so what would it be? Then, find out how our new Chinese Food Take Out Box t-shirt can help you deliver it.

The last 365 days have been challenging to say the least. Our days have been filled with remoteness, and our evenings have revolved around staying in cooking, and probably lots and lots of take-out. Takeout isn't a new concept, but perhaps this year it has become an even greater affair than in past ones.

Growing up, Chinese food take-out was probably a once-a-week routine for us, and Lo Mein was always a winner. There was nothing like enjoying those warm and savory noodles and waiting for that final moment to crack open the fortune cookie (whether you ate it afterward or not). The message was always something head-scratching like: "The food here is so good, even a caveman likes it," or incredibly prophetic-sounding like "All the preparation you have done will finally be paying off!". These were often followed by winning lotto numbers and a Chinese to English word translation. For us, along with pizza, this experience epitomized take-out.

Chinese food take out box with fortune cookie design t-shirt

To give a nod to take out, we have created a new Lo Mein-inspired Take Out Box t-shirt and sweatshirt featuring a take-out box with noodles on the back and a customizable fortune cookie on the front. This fortune cookie, like the ones we always loved to open, is just as exciting if not more because you can customize the message. This can be any message - a mantra, a message to yourself, a quote, or just something silly like an inside joke. Nevertheless, it's there to stay with you. It's there to lift you up or remind you of what you believe. By default, each fortune cookie comes with the message " Have your cookie. You deserve it.", but on the product page there is an option to customize. Once you select the "create custom message at checkout" button, you can add your custom message in the cart. In the cart, you'll find a message area that says "order note" (just below your cart items), and here you'll let us know what you'd like your fortune cookie message to say!

We also have a Chinese Food Take Out Box t-shirt option for those who would like to keep things simple and single-sided.