Taco Bell's Hot Sauce Packets Are Heading For Reincarnation Plus More [Weekly Round Up 4-23-21]

Taco Bell's Hot Sauce Packets Are Heading For Reincarnation Plus More [Weekly Round Up 4-23-21]

You'll find this weeks  food news super rewarding especially if you love tattoos, burgers and getting paid to do interviews. Here's what happened this week:

Taco Bell’s hot sauce packets will be reincarnated as part of a new earth friendly pilot program.

This week for Earth Day 2021, Taco Bell announced that they will begin recycling hot sauce packets. The fast food chain is partnering with recycling company TerraCycle to give its packets a "spicier second life that doesn't involve a landfill," Taco Bell said in a press release.

Taco Bell said that more than 8 billion sauce packets are used every year in the United States, a massive number that's potentially environmentally damaging. The recycling pilot program will launch later this year and that participation will be simple and involve free shipping. Taco Bell’s  ultimate goal is for the discarded sauce packets to have an "exciting future as something totally new.” We’re down with going green! 


If you don’t drink beer Natty light is coming for you, but it's ok you’ll probably like it.


Just in time for summer, Natty Light has released a new boozy treat. The beer brand known best for their inexpensive lagers unveiled its new ‘Naturdays’ Frozen Icicles. These popsicles come in two flavors: Strawberry Lemonade and Pineapple Lemonade; they come in at 8% ABV. The beer brand is trying to reach a new audience of non-beer drinkers with these popsicles sticks. Soon, the company will also be coming after vodka fans with flavored vodka. Stay tuned!


A Florida McDonald will pay you to interview with their location.

Typically you have to nail the interview to get the job and then the pay, but a McDonalds outside of Tampa, Florida is doing something different — come to the interview and get paid $50. According to a sign posted outside of the restaurant, this Florida McDonald’s is incentivizing interviews just like that. Why?  According to owner Blake Casper, the incentive was crafted by the general manager and supervisor to help find new hires. With the pandemic easing, lots of businesses are reopening at once, which is increasing competition for hiring workers. Further, to make things even more difficult, many people are still reluctant to take frontline jobs at a fast food restaurants due to continued COVID-19 concerns. Although the $50 bait is enticing, Casper admits the offer didn’t really help in finding additional staff. Well, we give the idea an A for effort. 


If you are tattoo loving burger fan, you may find yourself with a  new tattoo this year after you read this offer.

So you love burgers? But, do you love them enough to get a burger tattoo? What getting a burger tattoo meant receiving free burgers for a year? If you answer all three questions with a yes then Farmer Boys, a California based restaurant chain may be your dream come true. The west coast chain is offering free burgers for a year to anyone who gets a permanent tattoo  (offered for free) bearing the restaurant's name.

The restaurant is partnering with a West Hollywood tattoo parlor, The Honorable Society, and Las Vegas' Rockin' Ink Tattoo for the promotion which celebrates the burger chain's 40th anniversary.  If you are passionate about burgers and wish to participate, you must fill out a registration form online by May 21 to schedule an appointment. Applicants must be 18 years or older. Farmer boys posted on their Instagram, that due to the high volume in interest, not all who apply will get a tattoo. So, we suggest you hurry to get your application in!