Would you eat a turkey made of ice cream? Plus more news this week.

Would you eat a turkey made of ice cream? Plus more news this week.

This week's food news is packed with deals, unexpected turkey-ice cream combos and new guidelines that will make your heart happy.

The Heart Association releases new dietary guidelines and they make us happy.

This week the American Heart Association released its new 2021 dietary guidelines. The guidelines were last updated 15 years ago and much has changed.  In the past advice has centered around what to not eat and now the American Heart Association is recommending an all encompassing diet that focuses on balance. The Association is recommending that we do not cut out foods, but rather that we consider their composition. This means that if you are a bread lover, don’t ditch the bread, choose a whole grain one instead. Same goes steak lovers --keep enjoying that steak -- but choose a leaner less fattier cut.  American Heart Association Committee member, Alice Lichtenstein also adds a key piece of advice. She adds that the key to this new balanced outlook is to consider frequency and serving sizes of the foods you eat. This mindfulness is what will allow you to not cut foods out and still maintain a heart healthy lifestyle. 

Is it turkey or is it ice cream?

Baskin Robbins is bringing back its insta-worthy ice cream turkey called the Turkey Cake. It's an entire turkey made from ice cream, a praline glaze and sugar cone legs. The turkey looks so real that the ice cream brand has a YouTube tutorial to show you how to carve it. Some of the pointers in the video include starting at the legs when carving the turkey and leaving the cake out for 10-15 minutes to soften before carving it. This seasonal favorite also comes with a special promotion. Through November 25 Turkey Cake purchases of $35 dollars will get $5 off. You can now order the Turkey Cake online.


King of your Krew


This month, Hershey’s will be releasing something special for Reese’s Peanut Butter cup lovers: the Reese's “Super King” pack. This pack (which is a foot long) includes 6 PB cups, instead of the usual 2, so there will be enough for all your friends or just you.

It’s Dunkin’ Season 


The holidays are a time to spend with family, give gifts to loved ones, and to drink seasonal flavored coffees of course! With that,  Dunkin Donuts wants to give you a head start on the latter. This week, the popular coffee brand released a selection of seasonal coffee drinks like a toasted White Chocolate Signature Latte and a new White Mocha Hot Chocolate, along with a Holiday Blend Coffee that has “notes of sweet molasses and dried fruit”,which are all served in festive cups. 


In addition to these delicious sounding coffees, Dunkin Donuts is on a mission to “Brighten the Season” for children that are battling illness or hunger. DD is asking customers to donate $1 to the Dunkin’ Joy in Childhood Foundation, starting November 3rd through the end of the month. If you can’t make it to a store, you can also donate through the DD app while placing a mobile order. 

That's all! We'll see you next week.