America's first fast food chain was a "vending machine" and more food news this week

America's first fast food chain was a

America’s first fast food chain was a coin-operated vending machine


Director Lisa Hurwitz is debuting a documentary called “The Automat” which looks at the history of America’s first fast food chain. This so-called fast food chain was actually a coin-operated vending machine chain, started by Horn & Hardart. These vending machines were sprinkled through New York City and Philadelphia. The vending machines were inexpensive. For a nickel you could get a  homemade quality meal like a pie or a custard. This simple concept brought together people from all over the city. Anyone could pop in an nickel and the open a little glass door with a knob to pull out their choice of food. The first automat opened up in 1902 and the last one closed on 42nd and 3rd avenue in 1991. Right now Hurwitz’s documentary can be seen at in Los Angeles and New York.


How do you feel about an ice cream sundae topped with cilantro?

McDonald’s whom is know for testing various food choices in different countries is trying a new combination in China. The combination has received very mix reviews on social media, and a lot has to do with a seemingly bizarre topping choice. The brand is briefly experimenting with an ice cream sundae that will be topped with cilantro and bright green cilantro sauce. This curious combination will only available at McDonald’s in China from February 21st until February 25th.


This donut is all the caffeine you’ll need to start your day

Hostess in introducing new donuts to there line up. These donuts will be bigger in size and they will contain between 50 to 70 milligrams of caffeine. The Boost Jumbo Donettes will be give you a similar buzz as a half a cup of coffee would. 

This Easter you’ll be able to customize your PEEPS

The PEEPS brand is launching made-to-order boxes of personalized Marshmallow chicks. The box will feature a dozen chicks that fans will be able to add their dips and toppings to. Some of the dips and topping options include milk, dark or white chocolate and sprinkles, crushed pretzels and toasted coconut. These special chicks are now available and can be ordered at


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