The most romantic restaurants in the nation, plus more food news this week.

The most romantic restaurants in the nation, plus more food news this week.

Valentine’s Day restaurant reservations are up by 30% and OpenTable has 100 suggestions on where to go.

OpenTable says that their data is showing an increase in Valentine’s Day reservations as compared to last year. This positive statistic paired with their freshly released list of 100 Most Romantic Restaurants in America is welcome news. The online reservation company, conducted a thorough inventory of US restaurants. Their research for this list included analyzing 12.4 million diner reviews that were categorized and evaluated based on certain parameters (but not limited to) number of reviews, regional ratings and user klout. As a result, the company found some interesting data. For example, California restaurants make it on the list the most, and steakhouses come up as the number one "most romantic” restaurant choice.



Would you swap your almond/soy/coconut/oat milk for potato milk?

The Cut is reporting that in Europe, a company named Dug is making a splash with its potato milk. The news outlet is saying this plant-based milk is said to be the most eco-conscious because it uses less resources in the manufacturing process (water and land) than traditional plant based milks. However, it is to be seen how the US market responds to this dairy free option; the company is expected to introduce its potato milk to the US market very soon. According to research firm Markets and Markets, the potato market is to reach USD 5.2 billion by 2027. As of 2022 the market is at USD 4.3 billion.


Latest report proves that cheese can do no wrong.


According to a Research and Markets report, the cheese industry is going to reach $113.3 billion by 2027. At the moment (as of 2021) it sits at $77.6 billion. The report indicates that a few factors will contribute to the growth, and these include but are not limited to the growth of the fast food market. The fast food market consumes a lot of cheese and there are no signs of this stopping. Further, emerging economies are also now expected to embrace cheese more as they continue to consume more westernized meals. Similarly, the retail sector in these regions is becoming better equipped to handle cheese products minimizing food spoilage.



Largest consumer product survey announces 2022 winners and if you are an Aldi food fan the results are lookin’ good.


The Product of the Year USA has announced forty winners in their largest consumer-voted survey. The national survey was conducted by research firm Kantar, and it surveyed 40,000 Americans shoppers. The winning products are in 40 categories ranging from food, beverage to wellness and pest control, and if you take a close look at the winner list it appears Aldi food products and snacks show up most frequently. Among those products are a Pinot Noir and a variety of bread products like garlic knots, brioche and bagels. The winners of the Product of the Year awards will be featured in various media outlets that include DailyMailTV and A sweepstake and a shoppable article in these media outlets will make shopping for these winning products fun and easy.


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