The right way to eat candy corn, Chipotle offers free burritos and more food news this week

The right way to eat candy corn, Chipotle offers free burritos and more food news this week

This week's new is throwing at us some candy corn, free burritos and a look into what's coming up in the food industry's future.

Have you been eating this super popular Halloween treat the wrong way?

The National Confectioners Association recently conducted a poll on how Americans eat their candy corn. Over half  eat the candy corn in one whole piece and the rest start at the white tip while a small remainder (17%) start at the orange base. According to the Association, candy corn is the third most popular Halloween treat in the US with chocolate at number one and gummy candies at number two.

Chipotle is hosting a virtual costume party with free burritos.

The first 30k customers to visit Chipotles virtual restaurant on Roblox in a Chipotle-inspired costume will score a free burrito. Customers will also be able to partake in other virtual activities like a Boorito Maze, and for a limited time customers can also get a $5 burrito, bowl, salad, or taco entrée using a digital coupon code via the Chipotle app. 

The future of fast food drive thrus is uncertain.

According to media outlet Mashed, cities like Long Beach and Minneapolis are moving to ban the construction of any new drive thru establishments. There appear to be two major reasons for this decision. First, the ban on new drive thrus will hopefully prove to be more eco and pedestrian friendly. Less traffic looping around corners will help pedestrians move about easier, and less traffic and congestion around these drive thrus will hopefully ease up. Secondly, the ban on drive-thrus will in the citys’ hopes encourage a healthier lifestyle by eliminating the convenience that drive-thrus give to fast food. 

What will your burger look like in 6 years?

This week two research companies put out reports showing how the alternative meat industry is positioned to grow substantially in the next five years. Alone in the US, according to research firm Technavio, we should expect the market to grow by 2.5 billion dollars from 2020 to 2025, and on a global scale it's just as impressive. According to research firm Research and Markets, from 2021 to 2026, the global alternative meat market is poised to grow from 6,296.11 million to 9,462.59 million respectively.