Ticktokers are transforming their ramen with 3 interesting ingredients and more news this week

Ticktokers are transforming their ramen with 3 interesting ingredients and more news this week


A TickTock hack claims 3 ingredients can transform your ramen.


Tick Tocker @EatWithAdrian has upped the ramen ante with 3 ingredients - garlic, mayo and eggs. These three ingredients are whisked together and then topped with the hot ramen noodles. The key is to use miso flavored ramen. According to Table Tasting, Japanese ramen fans have been adding mayo to their ramen before its caught on as a trend here in the US. In fact, the mayo that is traditionally used with ramen in Japan has a magnified umami flavor due to its richness and a few alternative ingredients. The Japanese mayo known as Kewpie is made with egg yolks not whole eggs and includes ingredients such as rice vinegar and MSG.


This popular fast food brand is swapping meat for plants.


Burger King has been testing is menu with meat alternatives such as the Impossible Burger for a while now. In fact, the fast food chain has even opened up a few plant-based pop up cafes in Europe. The most recent plant-based cafe to open is in Leicester Square. Menu items will ditch the meat and deliver former meat favorites in a plant-based way. Burger King has a target goal to serve 50% of its menu meat free by year 2030 in an effort to maximize sustainability. The cafe opening includes a limited-time menu with items like Vegan Nuggets, and a plant-based children’s menu too.



Young Americans are changing how their generation makes food choices.


As food brands look to more sustainable food choices by delivering plant-based options to the table, it appears young Americans are embracing the trend as well. A poll in Plant Based News revealed that almost half of Americans between the ages 24-39 describe themselves as flexitarian. The term flexitarian is defined as someone that is reducing their meat intake and making this decision thoughtfully. The poll also showed that if plant-based options resembled the flavor of meat, 68 percent would be willing to swap for plant-based alternatives.


A unique Florida-based ice cream brand hopes it can serve you liquid nitrogen crafted ice cream nationwide.


It appears, Florida ice-cream shop and brand Wicked Lick is looking to expand its reach nationally. The ice cream shop started out in the Florida Keys and now it's looking to expand into south Florida with a national franchise model. What could possibly make this ice cream shop any different than others? It may just come down to one ingredient. Wicked Lick ice cream uses liquid nitrogen to create a super smooth ice cream flavor and texture. This ingredient also wafts through its shop as patrons are greeted with liquid nitrogen puffs within the store. According to a Spoon University article, liquid nitrogen prevent large ice crystals from forming within the ice cream which yields a much smoother product than traditional ice cream making methods.


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