Order in Yiddish And Get A Free Bagel Plus More [Weekly Round Up 4/02/21]

Order in Yiddish And Get A Free Bagel Plus More [Weekly Round Up 4/02/21]

This week's news is packed with lots of flavor and deals. Read all about it!

Learn a new language and score a free bagel.

Do you want to learn a new language? How about Yiddish? In fact, it might come in handy on April 6th. Language app Duolingo has partnered with bagel stores in 5 major cities in the US, to offer a free bagel to anyone who can order in Yiddish. Can’t be that hard, right?

The Doulingo announcement stated that "To order, customers will have to give their best attempt at saying 'Ken ikh hubn a baygl mit shmirkeyz' or in English, 'I would like a bagel with schmear,'". If you get close enough, you’ll still leave with a free breakfast! 

Participating bagel stores include New York City’s  Katz's Deli, Los Angeles: Factor's Famous Deli, Chicago: Manny's Cafeteria & Deli from, Miami: Zak The Baker, and Pittsburgh: Pigeon Bagels. The offer is available for limited hours during the day.


Arby’s has some very important announcements.

After testing out crinkle fries at select locations, Arby’s has decided to make them a permanent item on their menu, and they are only $1 for the month of April. Arby’s crinkle fries are seasoned with salt and carved with extra groves for optimal crunchiness.

And, if you are looking to pair the crinkle fries with a sandwich, Arby’s would like you to try their Spicy Greek Gyro. It is unclear if this sandwich is here to stay but it is here for at least… now. One this is for sure, the Spicy Greek Gyro sounds amazing. The sandwich includes spicy sauce, Greek gyro meat, tzatziki sauce, shredded lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, and Greek seasoning nestled in a piece of warm flatbread.


Trader Joe's releases a big flavor in a little cone.

Coffee lovers everywhere will be pleased to hear that Trader Joe's just released a new mini Hold the Cone ice cream flavor. The mini cones already cone in vanilla and chocolate, but now TJs is adding coffee bean to the lineup. The best part of these mini cones is their size. They are small little treats that pack a punch when it comes to flavor, but not when it comes to calories. In fact, one serving size is three cones which equals 250 calories. If you have strong willpower and stick to only one (good luck), then this sweet coffee is only 83 calories. Not bad!


It’s time to work on those buns.

McDonald’s quietly has been testing out a new recipe on one of their most essential item: the bun. From the outside, the bun looks almost entirely the same, but on the inside it's different. Apparently, the days of cold and dry buns are gone. McDonald's goal with this recipe change is to create a moister bun that holds more heat.

This new bun was being tested out in Canada and Australia, and due to its wild success, the chain will be rolling out with the new bun worldwide over the next couple of years.