Did You Know Our New Designs Come in Plus Sizes?

This summer we shifted to a new production model to increase our efficiency and to offer more styles and designs readily. This shift has allowed us to achieve many new goals and one of them is offering our ladies shirts in plus sizes

As as an apparel business, it is often hard to workout what sizes will be most popular for which style shirts, especially when you are trying to work quickly to keep up with your customer's demands and desires for new products. Striking that balance where quantity, style, design and size perfectly intersect is a learning process. Each design calls to a different subset of our general customer profile and understanding the needs within each takes months to evolve. However, shifting our production model to a made to order experience has enabled us to not only expand our inventory and designs, but it has enabled us to expand what sizes we can offer in each design. We are at the very start, but we do now offer more women's shirts in plus sizes. 

Thus far, most of our designs have been printed on our popular slouchy tanks and tees, and our stocked sizing had only gone up to a Large, but today we have expanded our sizing to offer  XL to 2XL in our loved slouchy t-shirts. These t-shirts are loose and flowy so they are very comfortable to wear on a daily basis without ever feeling too snug.

Our next launch will be a basic t-shirt style which will have sizes ranging from small to 3XL. We will be announcing the launch soon, so stay tuned!