Yummiewear Talks About Friendship with Fellow Entrepreneurs and Wellness Lovers

We are pleased to introduce a group of women who are all separately driven and badass in their own ways. The four of us crossed paths years ago through mutual jobs in the wellness industry, and since then we have all become a support system for each other’s ventures.

Through it all, we’ve learned how important it is to appreciate the support systems around us. We’ve been so lucky to have collaborated with this group of driven and inspiring women - their motivation is contagious, so we wanted to share!


Sara - Professional hair stylist


Sara is a professional hairstylist who is passionate about combining two things with her work: art, and making people feel beautiful. She runs her business from the Life Spa at Lifetime Athletic in Montvale, NJ, and is a Wella Color Educator and Extension Specialist.

Sara is constantly learning and taking workshops to help her grown in her profession, and over the years, all three of us have supported Sara by returning to her for our hair styling. Many Yummiewear photoshoots feature Sara’s handiwork! “I educate my clients to embrace their natural beauty,” Sara says of her work. “I look for the way you look when you were younger, and try to give you your hair color that matches closest to then when it was raw and natural.”


Melissa - Doodler and wellness expert


Melissa is a part-time doodler and lover of letters. She’s dedicated her life to studying health, wellness, and beauty and is currently working to merge her passions together in a creative way. Melissa lends her talent with lettering by creating many written materials for Yummiewear, like our thank you cards, and the "Yummiewear" lettering in our logo.

In fact, Melissa already has some ideas in mind for future Yummiewear collaborations! We asked her to pick a design that she would love to see Yummiewear create: “All the yummiest cheat foods written out in different fun lettering styles!”


Christie, Physical wellness lover


Christie is a certified personal trainer and health coach graduating to practice as a Physician Assistant of Trauma Surgery. She is passionate about helping people become strong and healthy, which is a commonality that we all share. While Sara might work through beauty to help her clients feel like their best selves, Christie’s work is helping people become happier and healthier through physical wellness.

Having a community of like-minded friends is priceless for all of us. We’ve learned that a group like this has so much to offer. While each of us pursues our dreams, we make sure to remember to appreciate the circles that keep us strong along the way.


We had the opportunity to ask Sara, Melissa, and Christie a few of our 10 Questions with Yummiewear. Take a look at our 10 Questions with Yummiewear blog for more of these conversations!


Sara, @saramariastyles


If you could design your own Yummiewear shirt what would you want on it? Go crazy!

Kebabs all over it with the words CHEAT DAY in all different languages, including Farsi!


Social media creates an environment where many women feel pressure and self-doubt. How do you manage your self-perspective in relation to the media?

Being part of this industry that disguises everyone’s natural beauty- I educate my clients to embrace their natural beauty. It might sound counter-productive but less is always more. I look for the way you look when you were younger and try to give you your hair color that matches closest to then when it was raw and natural.

The main thing is not spending time on social media seeing what everyone is doing and how they are doing it. I focus on what makes me happy and how I feel without outside influences. I don’t follow trends, I create my own in order to stay my authentic self .


Melissa, @lines_on_lines

How do you stay mentally and physically happy?

I’ve learned to listen to my body before outside influence. Meditation and a dose of solitude keep me centered. 

What is one thing that you love about yourself and your body?

Love that I am flexible both in life and physically. Adaptability is key to handling life’s punches.


Christie, @whatyoucfit



If you could design your own Yummiewear shirt what would you want on it? Go crazy!

Pineapple on a cropped t-shirt, loose fit, potentially off the shoulder (grey, white or black). The pineapple top would be green, then the rest would be a yellow/gold color that was actually a saying in the shape of the pineapple body. Something like “Be who you want. Eat what you love. Do what you dream.”


How do you stay mentally and physically happy?

I stay mentally and physically happy through balancing my busy lifestyle with exercise and scheduling time to relax! I participate in many forms of exercise, which I believe leads to longevity and prevents boredom. I surround myself with people that support my goals, but also call me out when it’s time to relax… which is hard to do! This also helps me stay focused on achieving my goals!