Yummiewear + Thirteen Fit Apparel: A Pop Up for Positivity

For those who are just meeting Yummiewear for the first time - Hello! Whether it was your love of food or fashion that brought you here, we’re glad you came. 
Yummiewear partnered with Thirteen Fit Apparel for a pop up event in the Lower East Side of Manhattan on December 1, 2018. Our two brands, one focused on food and the other on fitness, created the perfect combination of sweet and strong. To top it all off, 10% of our sales were donated to Movemeant - a non-profit organization that promotes body positivity among youth. (For more about Movement, visit www.movemeant.com).
For this event, we wanted to do more than just show the good people of Lower Manhattan how tasty our Yummiewear designs are in person - we wanted customers to feel better about themselves by the time they left. 
To do this, our dressing room was outfitted with a giant mirror, plush seating, prime selfie lighting, and a Polaroid camera. Visitors were encouraged to snap pictures of themselves in the mirror as they tried on their new outfits. 
Then, we asked our fashionistas: “What do you like about yourself today?” We gave them paper and markers to write down their answers and hang them on the wall next to their selfies. Soon, the walls of the popup store were filled with positivity and self-respect!
At Yummiewear, we believe that we have the power to look at ourselves in the mirror and smile; We all have permission to celebrate ourselves. Sometimes we just need a reminder to ask ourselves: What do I like about myself today?