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Funny Food Shirts

Make a Statement

We need a good laugh from time to time, and what we wear can many times bring just that to you and everyone around you. The clothing we wear often represents our mood, views and just overall outlook on life. With Yummiewear tees, we have designed a collection of food t-shirts that usually transcend the food itself. We transform our food-themed graphics into something witty, cool, and light hearted. For instance, our pizzas sometimes turn to retro style turntables, and our ice creams are sometimes transformed to look like cats (for all the cat lovers out there!). Our goal is to add an element of surprise and a well needed chuckle. With that said, we always want to add a little funny to our food shirts or let our fans add a little boldness to their wardrobe. So if you are feeling witty, you may find yourself eyeing some of our funny shirts like our Homer Donut Chains tee, and if you are going for that bold edge, our Zero F<3cks tank and tee maybe just that cool t-shirt you are looking for.

You Are What You Wear

The saying goes " you are what you eat", but at Yummiewear we believe you are "what you wear". Our t-shirts, tanks tops, and sweatshirts are intended to empower us to feel comfortable with all kinds of food. Feeling like you cannot have a donut, ice cream or a slice of pizza isn't in our vocabulary, and we want our customers to feel the same way. We add a funny and cool spin to all of our designs so that they are representative of the comfort foods you crave and love while allowing you to wear them proudly and in a light-hearted way. The food itself is just food, but the message behind a Yummiewear design is representative of confidence. So go ahead and pick what food resonates the most with you, and then show the world your cool AF food humor!

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