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Women's Food Themed Skull Tank Tops and T-Shirts

Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones But Skull Tops Make Me Bold

Skulls represent a sense of boldness and edge, and at Yummiewear we have taken the skull and transformed it into something edible. Well, kind of edible that is, because let's face it we have yet to invent clothing that we can indulge in as well. With that said, we have transformed a simple skull concept into your favorite junk food or comfort food - ice cream. Our best selling Killer Ice Cream Skull Tank Top has replaced the basic ice cream cone with a special in house recipe that calls for skull-inspired ice cream scoops. Another fan favorite, The Bacon and Eggs Skull Tank Top, calls for two eggs and two slices of bacon in the shape of a skull and crossbones. This skull design is less edgy and veers more on the side of playfulness. It is a wonderful design for those looking to rep a less dramatic skull graphic.

Our skull tank tops are loose and flowy and can be worn with jeans or leggings. Yummiewear customers love to pair the Killer Ice Cream tank with leggings during a workout, and then jeans and a leather jacket post-workout. Similarly, our popular Bacon and Eggs Crossbones tank is also perfect for lounging or going to the gym. This skull tank top is super soft and comfortable and is a great shirt for daily use. The straps hug the shoulders loosely and comfortably, and the slouchy style fits the body in a flattering way. Also, because of its softer design, you don't have to be a skull lover. The Bacon and Eggs Crossbones tank is designed for those that love to play with their food (you can make this design on your plate next breakfast, by the way), and also for those who absolutely love bacon and eggs.

As always, all of our graphics and our skull tank top designs are hand-drawn on an Ipad by our inhouse artist and co-founder. The graphics are printed using a direct to garment process which lasts beautifully even after multiple washes, and our shirts and tanks are made from a super soft poly blend that remains soft after frequent wearing and multiple washes.

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