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Workout Graphic Tees & Tanks

A Balanced Workout with the Perfect Graphic Tee

We started Yummiewear from the concept of balance - living a balanced life. Our graphics and designs are created to empower and motivate. Though our t-shirts and tanks are not designed to fit a certain mold, as they can be work anywhere, many of our customers love to rep Yummiewear tops while they workout and at the gym. The reason is simple. We all work so hard to achieve a certain physical level and appearance and often times that leads us to leave out some of our favorite comfort foods or junk foods. Denying ourselves certain foods will surely lead us down a stray path because cravings will inevitably surface even to those with the strictest will power. Just ask our founder Michaela who was a fitness competitor. While training and prepping for competitions she had to adhere to the strictest of diets - broccoli, chicken, tilapia and sweet potatoes- for weeks on end. Now, don't get us wrong, it's super important to eat healthy while you workout, but in the same vein it is also important to tend to cravings and give in to the foods that bring us the great pleasure. This is where Yummiewear's balanced life concept comes in, and where our food themed t-shirts and tanks serve as a motivator and source of empowerment. We want or t-shirts with food on them to help you celebrate the cravings for pizza, cupcakes, ice cream, chocolate, french fries and cake. In other words, we want you to have your {insert favorite junk food} and wear it too! This is exactly why our graphic tees and tanks with various comfort and junk foods on them make the perfect workout companions.

Graphics and Designs Made with Love 

Our graphic tees and tank tops are our own; we design and draw everything in house. Our in house artist Martina (Michaela's Sister), hand draws all of Yummiewear's food-themed designs digitally on an Ipad. Most of our original graphic designs were springboarded by our own taste buds, but as the brand has grown we have drawn most of our ideas from our customers, fans, and community. Being able to draw and design graphic t-shirts and tanks about our favorite junk foods is incredibly fun and satisfying. It is also fun to see our customers wearing our t-shirts and tanks while they workout at the gym, hang out with friends or lounge at home.

Fan's Favorites

Our fan's favorite workout graphic tees and tanks are our flowy tops and also our boxy fit tank tops and t-shirts. All of these styles have one thing in common - they are loose fitting and also very flattering. They are made of a luxurious and super soft poly blend material making them an ideal fitness t-shirt or fitness tank. The boxy and flowy styles have nice loose and airy sleeves and arm holes that will make it very comfortable when lifting weights or participating in any workout activity. The fabric is also extremely soft unlike a lot of stiff cotton graphic shirts that are currently available in the market. Yummiewear fans lead an active lifestyle typically participating in activities such as crossfit, yoga, running and regularly going to the gym to. Thus, having something that is perfect for a workout and then can later be styled up to go out with friends for a drink is important. Our goal at Yummiewear is to make our graphic tees your favorite t-shirt or tank top that you won't want to ever take off - except of course when you need to do laundry. Our designs stay looking fresh and new even after multiple washes. 

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