Meet the Cheat

I'm Michaela Krivankova, creator of Yummiewear t-shirts.

Why Yummiewear, you might be asking? Well, I love to eat. A lot. And I love to work out. But the two shall never collide, right? In the Spring of 2015, I spontaneously decided to train for my first figure competition.  Half of that process consisted of regimented training and the other half, the more challenging half, severely limited my diet to foods like fish, green vegetables and sweet potato, in very meager amounts. While visions of chocolate chip cookies danced in my head (and yes, they did), all I could snack on was almonds, for a total of nine weeks. I didn't know this journey was going to be so extremely physically, emotionally and mentally challenging, but I was determined to persevere. One day though, with insatiable cravings, I caved in and cheated on my diet, devouring in a chocolate muffin, chocolate bar and pizza (oops, sorry coach).

I beat myself up about it, but there is a silver lining. I was good after that. The deviation had reset me, and I was recharged for the last few weeks of prep. In the end, it was all okay…I placed first in my class, despite my cheat day. 

This experience led me to create my Yummiewear t-shirts, for all the food and fitness lovers out there... Or even just for those who love food. We all need a bit of balance and a day of eating that is completely unforgiving. Simply, we need a day to celebrate food! All Yummiewear shirts are flowy and super soft, printed on a blend of polyester and viscose. My vision for these shirts were for women to never want to take them off and to feel comfortable while they are enjoying their cheatday, whether it's at home or out with friends at a restaurant!

My workouts now consist of lifting, high-intensity interval training, running and hiking. As far as my diet, i've found balance (insert clapping here). During the week, I eat clean but when the weekend comes around, I allow myself to eat what I want. If my friends want to go to brunch, i'm going to join them or if i'm dying for red wine, you'll definitely see me sitting around sipping it until my teeth turn purple. 

I've learned to allow myself to have my "cheat day". It helps reset my mind and re-motivates me to work hard during the week. 

You might be wondering if I have I done any more competitions since. Well, I haven't however, I ran my first Reebok Spartan Race in October and I plan to do more in the spring and summer of 2017! 

What is my favorite cheat meal? I honestly can't answer with one food because I absolutely love indulging in cheese pizza, bacon cheese burgers and Dairy Queen vanilla soft serve with sprinkles and hard shell. 

The moral of the story is, we all work hard in our own ways, whether it's to maintain good health, to train for a bodybuilding competition or for an upcoming race. But we all need to take a moment to celebrate and savor the good things in life.

Go ahead and cheat! 



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