Meet the Cheat


An athletic ice cream junkie and burger connoisseur, is the creator and founder of Yummiewear. Her vision for Yummiewear was first born when she participated in her first fitness competition. Unsurprisingly but still much to her dismay, Michaela's diet was reduced to grilled chicken and steamed broccoli. Not being able to satisfy her raging sweet tooth and burger cravings during 10 grueling weeks, she began to lose steam. One day after an innocent slip up and a chocolate muffin, a chocolate bar and a slice of pizza later, it hit her. We work so hard to stay away from these sweet and savory treats yet we need them to stay balanced, and from this realization Yummiewear was born.


To create Yummiewear, Michaela partnered with her sister Martina, self professed digital chef and her best friend. Martina, who is also a lover of hamburgers and a chocolate addict, uses a stylus and an iPad to hand draw all of Yummiewear's delicious t-shirt designs. Merging her talent and passion for comfort foods, Martina crafts each design with your taste buds in mind.