Our Fans, our Motivators, our Cheaters

Over the past couple of months, we've met some pretty cool people who love their cheat day. Take a minute here to learn how they balance fitness, food and every day life. 

Meet: Yomayra Ramos- loving mother and crossfit enthusiast.

We first met Yomayra in April at the "Battle of the BAE's" Crossfit Competition at Powerpack Crossfit. We found her passion for crossfit, life and food to be super inspiring so we've asked her a few questions on how she balances it all. 

What do Yummiewear t-shirts mean to you?

"Who doesn't love a yummy donut, delicious burger or ice cream or the smell of bacon in the morning! I love Yummiewear because it's just honest in such a health conscious world that we are guilty of sometimes just wanting something naughty and how happy it makes us feel to bite into that delight."

2. Describe your fitness/life balance. 

"I am in the gym Monday - Friday at 5 a.m. and on Saturday at 7 a.m.. Getting [my workout] done early jump starts my day and [energizes] me to tackle the day with my kids."

3. Why do you workout?

"I started to workout to set an example for my kids. To show that I believe it's important to be active and take care of yourself. The more dedicated I got, the more results I saw. Now i'm training because I love the feeling of getting stronger and better."

4. What is your fitness go-to?

"Crossfit J-Town" 

5. So, what is your favorite cheat meal?

"I love some loaded nachos and some sangria."


Meet: Robyn Corujo- actress, fitness professional and coconut lover. We love Robyn for her passion to incorporate fun in all of her workouts... and of course, all of the cool pictures she has take with her Yummiewear collection hanging all the way up there!

1. What do you love about Yummiewear t-shirts?

"I love [them] because they're super comfy and the artwork is great. They're also a great reminder that if you take life too seriously, you miss out on all the fun."

2. Why is finding balance between fitness and life important to you?

"It's important to find balance, so I always make sure that even though I exercise and eat healthy the majority of the time, if I feel like indulging, I do so. As long as it's in moderation, there is nothing to feel gulity about."

3. Are you training to achieve a specific goal, for an event or just because it feels great?

"I train because it makes me feel amazing. Especially as a woman, there is nothing more empowering than feeling and being strong."

4. What's your fitness go-to?

"My fitness go to is a little bit of everything! Whether it's lifting heavy in the weight room, taking a barre class or doing ariel yoga, I truly believe fitness should be fun. I like to mix things up and keep them interesting."

5. What's your favorite cheat meal?

"My favorite cheat meal would definitely have to be traditional Puerto Rican food. I grew up with it so not only is it delicious but it's comfort food as well."