Meet our Artist

Our Yummiewear artist is our founders sister, Martina Krivankova. We've sat down with her to learn more about her style as an artist and how she produces her images.

What is your drawing style?

I tend to like to draw portraits, eyes, animals and food. When I draw, I would say I pay a lot of attention to depth, shading and blending so that I can produce a realistic looking subject or item. I want the people I draw to look as realistic as possible so I'll focus greatly on their eyes, the same goes with animals. As far as foods, I want the food to look super delicious, like something that I would eat. Typically, I'll really only draw food that I love myself. They inspire me the most and I am able to pour all my love into them. 


So you draw all the images on an iPad. How do you do that?

I use a stylus, and a drawing application on my ipad. It's usually a combination of Sumopaint and  Paper by FiftyThree. 


How you are able to take an idea and transform it into a drawing?

I usually only draw people and things that inspire me. By that I mean, I find them beautiful in some way. It's the easiest way to jump right into drawing without thinking about it too much and how you are going to do it. Typically, and in the case of Yummiewear, Michaela and I will agree on a food item, and I'll try to visualize it in my head first. What angle will look the best? Should the food be accompanied with something? How can I make it pop? Sometimes some foods don't have as much color so i'll have to shade it in a way to make it jump off of the t-shirt. I'll usually draw straight from my head but of course at times I'll consult images to make sure I am not missing something.


How long does it take you to draw up an image?

This really depends. Much like writing, sometimes you'll run into a block, a "drawing block". Perhaps, I'm not sure how to draw something at the moment so I'll stop and walk away. Sometimes for an hour and sometimes for days. If I am experiencing  an extra long flow of inspiration, I can sometimes draw an image in a matter of hours. I'll then go back to it a day or two later to hone out any detail I may want to change or that I have missed. 


Have you been an artist all of your life?

I really don't call myself an artist. The word artist feels like you breath and live it. Though, I have been told that by the very nature of being able to draw and drawing makes me an artist. So, I guess the answer is yes, I have always been able to draw. It's a talent that I never really pursued though until now. Part of the reason is that it always seemed too involved. What will I need to draw this? Getting all the right supplies etc. I think that the passion really came when I discovered that I could draw using a digital medium. It's so easy to purchase digital brushes and all of the colors are right there in the app. Plus, the digital aspect of the drawing allows it to translate on to paper, canvas, fabric etc., and that's just really cool to me. It feels like my art has a purpose then.