Why Made to Order?

Why are our awesome t-shirts made to order?

In 2020, we decided to offer most of our collections using a made to order model for many reasons. 

1. We wanted to expand our design offering. Our customers are always requesting different foods they want to see and we want to accommodate them in a timely manner! With that said, we can now offer up to 25 + new designs more quickly and efficiently.

2. We wanted to offer our designs on different styles of t-shirts or tanks. All of our customers have different shirt style preferences based on age, body type and personal style. Now, we can offer designs on multiple styles of tees and tanks to accommodate as many needs. Please note, if you want to see a specific design on a specific t-shirt, send us an e-mail (at connect@yummiewear.com) and we will do our best to accommodate! 

3. With less in-person events, we need less inventory. COVID-19 has changed the way that we sell. Mainly, for safety reasons, we have not been participating in any in-person events which have always been a big part of our Yummiewear life. While this has been a big change, it has allowed us to focus online in an impactful way. This shift has thus resulted in a more lean inventory. 

4. Better for the environment. Did you know that it can take as much water as you will drink over course of three years to produce a t-shirt? Well, with our made to order model we are making less of an impact on the earth, by producing only what we need without overstock or waste. We also work with with suppliers that use efficient technologies to create apparel and decrease their carbon footprint. For example, our suppliers dyeing process allows them to use 7 times less water than competitors thus saving 24 gallons of water a week! 

5. Learning which styles and designs are a hit. Like any small business, we are in perpetual learning mode and producing items made-to-order allows us to react faster to information. It offers us a special opportunity to learn more about what YOU crave so that when we return to doing in person events (with our inventory) we have exactly what YOU are looking for on the table.

We hope to keep impressing you with new, unique and awesome designs, and we appreciate all of your support!

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