10 "Egg-citing" Egg Facts and Tips That You May Not Know


1. The Midwest is where all the magic happens.


Iowa, Ohio and Indiana are the largest producers of eggs in the U.S. and in 2019 the United States produced more that 113 billion eggs.

2. Turns out that getting higher grades helps with making solid egg dishes.


Most U.S. super markets sell Grade A or Grade AA eggs, but if you are looking for an insta-worthy look for your eggs, it's best to stick with Grade AA. This grade of eggs maintains its appearance better, and it also makes it easier for cooking poached eggs and other egg dishes that need to hold their form.

3. Sometimes you have to turn down the temp to turn up the heat


Speaking of good looking eggs, the key to making those perfect yet runny-on-the-inside kind of eggs isn't that hard. Simply, turn off the heat once your egg is cooked, and place lid over the pan (for 3-5 mins) to seal in the heat. The residual heat will create a nice light skin over the yolk. Just remember to set a timer while doing this so you don't overcook your eggs.


4. Numbers Don't Lie.


According to a study by Eat This! Not That! based on Yelp reviews, the omelette showed to be the most popular dish in the U.S.


5. You need two bowls to make the perfect omelette.


Here's a quick tip to making super fluffy, souffle-like eggs omelettes! All you need to do is separate your egg yolks from your eggs whites, and whip your egg whites along with a pinch of salt. Then you fold egg whites into the remaining egg yolks. Finally season as you please and cook!

6. Making fluffy scrambled eggs starts with forgetting what you learned in home ec.


In the spirit of making fluffy eggs, make sure to keep your scrambled eggs fluffy as well with this tip! The tip starts with never adding milk to your eggs. This alone can help with the fluff factory because the milk will add weightiness to your scrambled eggs. To add more volume, simply whip your eggs with a fork to add more air into the mixture.

 7. Don't judge a book or [egg] by the cover.


Egg shell color is dependent on the breed of egg, and contrary to popular belief it doesn't have much to do with organic vs non organic. Further the USDA also indicates that brown eggs and white eggs have the same nutritional value.

 8. With time things get easier.


Have you ever peel a boiled egg without issues? Well, if the answer is "no" we may have a helpful tip for you! The secret to the perfectly peeled egg may simply be in the farther depths of your fridge. That's right next time you reach for a boiled egg reach for the less fresh onesBasically, as an egg ages the egg white shrinks a bit creating a natural space between the egg and the shell. Time does the peeling for you!

 9. Some of the best food ideas come from hangovers.


According to a 1942 New Yorker article, a very hungover Wall Street stock broker Lemuel Benedict "ordered buttered toast, crisp bacon, 2 poached eggs, & a hooker of hollandaise sauce" at the Old Waldorf. He then proceeded to put all these ingredients together, and that combination then gave birth to the Eggs Benedict.


 10. Just because it says "egg" doesn't mean its egg.


Last but not least, it's hard to find real eggs in the fast food breakfast sandwich world. However, it's not all hopeless, and in fact the McDonalds McMuffin is made from 100% real eggs.


And there you have it these are the most "egg-citing" egg facts for now! And if you are a big egg dish fan make sure to check out our BAE tank available right here! Or shop our entire collection.