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About Yummiewear Food T-Shirts

Food-themed t-shirts are a great way to show off your love for your favorite food. All of our designs are hand drawn to make each food even more special, and each t-shirt design is printed on a super soft and comfy top. Whether it be a tank top, a t-shirt or a sweatshirt, our goal is to always achieve a flattering fit. For t-shirts we offer  a variety of styles of tees with our most popular being the flowy fit and the boxy fit tees and tanks. The style you choose may depend on whether you like your t-shirt to be slightly more loose and waist cut or whether you enjoy having a looser fuller length fitting tee. 

Hand Drawn Graphic Tees and Tanks

Yummiewear t-shirts feature hand drawn food themed graphics and designs that add a personal touch to each t-shirt and top. Our in house artist uses an ipad and stylus to hand draw all designs. The graphics and t-shirt designs are inspired by our popular junk foods, but also by the comfort foods our community, fans and customers enjoy. We frequently run polls on social media to gather ideas on our next food design. Many times we also take our food themed graphics to a new level by transforming them into something other than just the food itself. An example of this is our best selling Bite Me Tee, which is a t-shirt that features biting lips. These lips are covered in sprinkles and frosting to embody everyone's favorite Homer donut. Lips are popular and iconic like the ones we see on Rolling Stones t-shirts these days. Taking the popularity of lips decided to add our own twist by adding a food related flare to it. This is just one instance of where we have transformed our food designs. Another example of where we have transformed a simple food item is our burger heart collection. Our burger heart collection features a heart-shaped cheeseburger patch, and our customers absolutely adore the Burger Heart Mustard Raglan sweatshirt and the black cut out Burger heart hoodie. 

Versatile Tops and Tees

We think it is important for products to have versatility. Being able to wear your tops and tees on multiple occasions allows you to get more "bang for your buck" so to say, and our food t-shirts do just that. Our customers wear Yummiewear graphic t-shirts and tanks to the gym, for runs and out to social events. How you wear a Yummiewear tee depends on your lifestyle and how you style it. The one feature that all of our t-shirts share is comfortability. Our fabric is a poly blend that is super soft to the touch and therefore so comfortable when it's actually on. The material makes it gentle enough on the skin when you are working out, and also luxurious looking and feeling when you are going out for drinks with friends. Taking care of a Yummiewear t-shirt is also easy. Even after multiple washes our designs remain vibrant and the material retains its smooth integrity.  

Made-To-Order Limited T-shirt Designs 

We are excited to offer limited time t-shirt designs through our virtual pop ups. We feature a virtual pop up about once a month allowing our customers to purchase unique designs that will only live on our website for a week's time. When you shop our virtual pop up you are getting a food-themed tee that may never be available again. What makes our virtual pop ups even more special is the variety of t-shirt styles we offer for each design. Frequently, our virtual pop up food t-shirts come in tank tops, muscle tanks, flowy tees, and boxy t-shirts. As you shop your favorite design, you are not limited because you can't find the design you love in a tank for instance. The virtual pop up is designed for you to order your comfort food the way you want. Our pop ups are personal just like your experience in a restaurant where you may order your burger at a certain temperature or with specific toppings. 

FREE Shipping on All T-Shirts and Tops

We know once you find the junk food themed t-shirt you love you want to get it quick. We make shopping seamless by offering FREE shipping and most t-shirt orders if they are not made to order ship out within 2 days. You can then expect your Yummiewear t-shirt or top anywhere from 1 to 3 days depending on where you live in the United States.

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