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5 Hilariously Funny Food Memes and Quotes of 2020 To Get Your Mind Off Things

Posted by Martina Krivankova on

These days we can all use a good laugh or pick me up...

At Yummiewear, we love showcasing funny food memes or quotes on or Instagram, and we love seeing how our fans respond. There's nothing like getting our fans pumped about their favorite comfort foods than a great quote about food. With that said, we have decided to compile a list of 5 of our best food memes this year. These memes have been shared many times over and our fans haven't held back their enthusiasm in the comments. So without further adieu, we'll start the list and with our the winning post (if you'd like to sneak a peek just scroll down but don't miss out on the others).

1. TG for potatoes and their versatility!

I Am Thankful For All The Different Ways You Can Eat Potatoes


2. Hashtags will never be the same after this.

I like hashtags because they remind me of waffles


3. Staying healthy has never tasted so good.

donut in each hand


4. Who knew your phone number was more than just a way to reach you.

Funny food meme


5. And the winner is...

If you want to impress me with your car it better be a food truck


There you have it! Which was your favorite?


These are the food memes that earned the most chuckles and feedback. Feel free to screenshot and share them on your own Instagram, and if you are craving some comfort foods make sure to head over to our shop for some delicious food themed tees and tanks.

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