Pineapples are the new pumpkins, NASA is getting into cooking, plus more news this week.

Pineapples are the new pumpkins, NASA is getting into cooking, plus more news this week.

There have been some close calls in this week's food news round up, but almost all end in good news. Your Halloween candy remains safe and sound on store shelves, Pineapple's might save Halloween, and while Americans are over cooking, NASA seems to be getting into it.

Dole has a pumpkin-carving hack for you. You’ll need a carving knife and pineapple for it.


With possible shortages and high prices, you might want to consider swapping out your pumpkin this year with a pineapple according to Dole Food Company. This isn’t the first time the company has promoted this idea, and this time it wants you to seriously consider it. The company even has a recipe for what to do with the pineapple innards of this low fat high antioxidant fruit once you're done carving it. It also has handy pineapple carving templates ready for you to help transform your pineapple into a jack-o-lantern. So what do you think?

Ransomeware almost played a not-so-nice trick on your favorite Halloween treat

Chicago -based candy company Ferrara, the makers of candy like Brach’s Candy Corn SweeTARTS, Laffy Taffy, and Nerds among other sweets, experienced a ransomware attack. The hacker is unknown, and the candy is safe. The company said it quickly secured its systems, and launched an investigation. Fortunately, their Candy Corn was already shipped to retailers in August, so your favorite Halloween candy will still be on the shelves. 

After a long year, Americans are over cooking, but not all is lost reports that according to a 2000-person survey one third of Americans say their kitchen morale is at an all time low. Americans have lost their motivation to prep and cook meals. Another survey may reveal why this has happened. It appears most Americans are either too busy to cook (45%) and for the rest the pandemic has drained their love for cooking. The survey also found more Americans have learned some great hacks to make cooking easier, and they have also discovered concrete pain points. These pain points include wishing they had an easier post cooking clean up process, using less cookware pieces and having more variety of recipes (with accurate cook times) to cook throughout the week.

NASA is cooking something up. No but literally, the space organization just held a Food Challenge.

NASA just announced the winners of its Food Challenge. This challenge featured innovators that included students, chefs and small businesses to come up with technologies that could be used to produce food for astronauts. The technologies had to yield food that was produced more efficiently, safely all while remaining delicious.  Nasa selected 18 teams and rewarded them with a total of $450,000 dollars. The challenge is called the Deep Space Food Challenge, and it will air on the agency’s website on November 9th at 11 am. Special show guests will include Martha Stewart and retired NASA astronaut Scott Kelly.


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