Here's How Graphic Tees Can Double As Cute Bikini Cover Ups

Here's How Graphic Tees Can Double As Cute Bikini Cover Ups

 T-shirts can play a multifaceted role in your wardrobe, and using them as a bikini or bathing suit cover up is just one perfect example of this. In today’s blog post we’ll offer 4 tips that make your favorite graphic tee a convenient and cute bathing suit cover up.

 In our new Style Series blog segment, we’ll delve into a variety of fun ways to wear graphic tees, and the best part is that most of these tips and ideas are tried and true by our fans and customers.

Below we’ll offer 4 tips on which t-shirt styles work the best as a  beach or pool cover up, what to keep in mind when choosing a graphic t-shirt, and some “aha” styling tips.


1.Crop tops aren’t for everyone, but we think you can’t go wrong with them at the beach.

crop top bikini cover up


Crop tops can be a difficult to pull off if it’s not a t-shirt style you are comfortable with. We have found that you either love them or just stay away from them. However, there may be one place where the crop top style always works, and it's because here modesty tends not matter as much. The place we are referring to is the pool or the beach. A crop top like our Pizza Record Crop can make an awesome and fashionable one-piece bathing suit or bikini cover up while still providing coverage against the sun in areas like the shoulders and chest.



2. Tank tops make great bathing suit cover ups, but some are more practical than others.

boxy tank bathing suit cover up


A beach cover up should be easy to put on and off. After all, you don’t want something damp or wet sticking to your skin. A boxy tank top like our Twist Ice Cream Boxy Tank is a perfect style tank to go over a bikini or bathing suit. This style is loose and also had nice deep arm holes which make slipping in and out of this shirt a breeze. Further, the flowiness offers room for air flow making it easier for your bathing suit to dry underneath.

3. A slouchy t-shirt is so easy to style it can serve a dual purpose.


A slouchy t-shirt offers lots of styling flexibility with is wide neckline and overall flowiness. It gives you enough fabric to fashion it in any way that you see fit. Our Mmmm Slouchy V-Neck T-shirt is a perfect example. You can style it off the shoulder or tie it in a knot for a more cropped look. See our slouchy t-shirt style guide for more tips. It’s super easy to slip on and off. Then, after a long beach day you can easily restyle it and pair it with shorts for a completely new look.

slouchy v-neck swimsuit cover up

4. Sometimes keeping it simple is the key.

graphic t-shirt beach cover up


A basic t-shirt style like our Killer Cone Basic Tee can make the most unsuspecting bikini or bathing suit cover up. Simply, roll up and knot for a cropped look. This styling trick offers coverage on top and it’s a clothing piece that most all of us have in our closet.