Now Your Favorite TV Show Is An Ice Cream Plus More [Weekly Round Up 3/12/21]

Now Your Favorite TV Show Is An Ice Cream Plus More [Weekly Round Up 3/12/21]

Every week we take a look at what's new in the world of comfort foods. Here are some interesting bits that happened this week!

Have you ever wondered what a Friends inspired ice cream would taste like? This company has the answer...

Much like ordering take-out, laying on the couch and binge-watching shows and movies have been part of our routines this past year. And, that makes this next bit of news pretty darn exciting. Serendipity Brands and Warner Bros. are collaborating by creating four ice cream pints that pair with some of your favorite classic tv shows and movies. Their first pint will be the "Central Perk Almond Fudge" inspired by Friends the tv show. The ice cream will have a mocha base with chocolate-covered almonds and fudge swirls. The Friends pint will remain a permanent fixture in their lineup, and Serendipity plans on launching three other limited-time pints inspired by The Goonies, Caddyshack, and A Christmas Story. Make sure to keep a close eye on the freezer aisle this year!

Corned beef has run into some bad luck right before St. Patty's Day

It looks like St. Patty's day menus across the country are going to be shy of about 150 tons of corned beef. The USDA has put out a recall for 300,000 pounds of corned beef distributed by Milky Way International Trading Corp. The specific brand in question is the Ox & Palm cans. Yes, the recall is for canned corned beef only. Phew! At least there's still the uncanned kind! Nonetheless, it appears that this specific brand did not go through the Food Safety and Inspection Service import inspection. The recall asks individuals who have the Ox & Palm canned corned beef (imported between June 6, 2020 - January 21, 2020) to throw it away or return the product to the store where they purchased it. But don't fret, as of yet, this recall is only precautionary. No illnesses have been reported. 


The best bagels are no longer just a New York City thing

Have you had a chance to look at Food & Wine's new bagel round-up released late last week? Yes, we know this falls under last week's round-up, but this piece of news slid right into our alerts a few hours after we pushed the publish button. However, we couldn't go without mentioning it this week. The author of the article highlights how at one point New York City was seen as the epicenter of the best bagels in the United States, but through the years the NYC bagel was transformed in various ways. For instance, overtime bagels seemed to grow in size and lose their traditional form. Yet, there are signs of a return to the traditional bagel-making ways as east coast expats have made it to other corners of the country making the bagels the old way. The guide then goes on to round up many NYC-based bagel shops as well as bagel shops all around the rest of the United States. If you are a bagel fan like we are, you'll certainly enjoy this guide, and who knows maybe your bagel joint may even be on the list!


There's a lot of "buzz" about this strong seltzer

The hard seltzer company Truly, announced this Monday that it is launching its Truly Extra Hard Seltzer. This new seltzer will be available in two flavors: Black Raspberry and Peach Mango and it will be 50 percent stronger (8 percent ABV) than its 5 percent ABV Truly. The product will still only have one gram of sugars and 220 calories. Sounds like the seltzer world is "buzzing" with excitement. By the way, who is ready for summer days after hearing this announcement?


Some good news and bad news for cheese lovers.

First, with the bad news. It appears Costco is running out of cheese - particularly imported cheese. However, Costco isn't running out of cheese due to increased demand. Instead, they are running out because there is a shortage of containers to import the cheese in by overseas freight. This problem isn't just a Costco problem but rather an industry-wide problem (hopefully your favorite shop still has your fave cheese), and a problem that other industries are facing as well. Now to the good news. Just know that the good news isn't an answer to the cheese-container problem, but it is great news for cheese lovers nonetheless. You may or may not be happy to hear that Taco Bell just announced that it is going to be bringing back their Quesalupa after a 5-year hiatus. This cheesy quesadilla-like treat will have 50% more cheese this time, and it is available starting yesterday! 

And that's all folks! See you next Friday!