A Pizzeria Launches Fruit Loops Pizza Plus More [Weekly Round Up 3/5/21]

A Pizzeria Launches Fruit Loops Pizza Plus More [Weekly Round Up 3/5/21]

3/5/21 - Weekly Food News "Digest"

The world of food keeps on coming up with new and delicious ways to woo and surprise us, and this week is no exception. Check out some of the top news about junk foods and comfort foods that are making waves in the first week of March.

Would you eat a fruit loops cheese pizza for breakfast or ever?

Well, unless you live in De Moines, Iowa getting your hands on a fruit loops pizza will probably remain a dream - if that is a dream of yours of course. Something about the sweet childhood breakfast cereal atop a mozzarella pizza just seems confusing to the brain and taste buds even if you love pizza and love fruit loops (separately). Nevertheless, according to Today's coverage, Fong's Pizza's co-founder Gwen Page, says there are adventurous souls who come in to order it.  The pizza was created as a breakfast option for kids at their suburban location and it was also a way to create some excitement in the community. Her restaurant is known for doing out-of-the-box food creations, and they often bring an element of great surprise to her patrons. Page hopes this colorful and happy-looking pizza brings a smile to anyone who tries it. Would you try it?



April will bring Reeses but without the chocolate...yes you read that right.

In honor of National Peanut Butter Day (yes, apparently this is a food holiday, but probably not a federal one), Reese's is releasing a Reese's cup made solely of peanut butter. This means there will be no chocolate shell, but rather a hard peanut butter one encapsulating their signature soft peanut butter filling. It is slated to come to retail stores in April, and we are sure this will conjure up mixed emotions. How do you feel about an all peanut butter cup sans the chocolate shell?


Popeyes is making big changes that will make you feel good about eating fast food.

These days it seems every fast food joint has a fried chicken sandwich so what can a restaurant offer to make itself stand out? Well, in the case of Popeyes, the fast food chain just announced that it will be giving its chicken and packaging a facelift to ensure a more healthy and sustainable future for the brand and its patrons. So what does this mean? Well, Popeyes will start with removing antibiotics from its chicken supply chain within the United States. It will also update its packaging and start making it from recycled materials. The fast food chain plans to incorporate more changes that include removing preservatives, coloring, and much more according to their new quality and sustainability plan.




This March everything you eat may be green including your pasta and ice cream...

Costco has brought back its St. Patty's day inspired ravioli. This shamrock-shaped five-cheese ravioli is green and has an imported Irish aged-cheddar filling that also includes shredded mozzarella, creamy white cheddar, velvet ricotta, and parmesan cheese. The color of the pasta isn't traditional, but that cheese blend makes it super tempting if you ask us. If you do end up making this pasta for dinner one night,  you may want to follow it up with M&M's Mint Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich.  Also, in time for  St. Patrick's day, freezers nationwide are being packed with M&M's Mint Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches. These sandwiches feature minty green ice cream sandwiched between two chocolate cookies. The sandwich is also filled with  Milk Chocolate M&M Minis. Now, that's a pretty good way to celebrate St. Patty's Day if you ask us!


Now you can enjoy Cadbury chocolate and a buzz together... but you'll have to hurry!

Cadbury and Goose Island Beer Company have teamed up for what is possibly a dream collaboration for some. They have created a Creme-Egg flavored stout. The stout features barleys, oats, wheat combined with other flavors and spices to mimic the taste of this classic Easter treat. The creation celebrates the upcoming Easter holiday, and also the 50th Anniversary of the Cadbury Creme Egg. Now, here's the catch!  This two-pack stout sold out during its first release this week, and a second release is slated for 11 am Monday, March 8th. However, this release happens on Greenwich Mean Time, so we US-based folk will have to be up super early to get our share. 


And that's all folks! See you next Friday!