6 Tips From Stylist And #girlboss Caitlin Nystrom

'Twas a chilly day in Alphabet city the day Martina and I met Caitlin Nystrom, owner & stylist at Style N Motion. We were facing windy conditions with a high of maybe 50 degrees. The thought of dressing down to tanks and tees and light jackets put a chill down our spines, but like true champs, the three of us powered through. In the end, we had so much fun and created our own warmth laughing and discovering some pretty eye-catching backdrops in the East Village enclave. 

We were truly excited to collaborate with Caitlin Nystrom, and pair our Yummiewear tees with her jackets and bottoms. Caitlin sources all of her designs for Style N Motion from small designers and in small quantities. This keeps each piece limited and unique. One of the aspects that made this shoot so special was that we had the opportunity to show how our tees to pair well with everyday pieces. 

As we snapped away on this particularly cool Spring day, we were able to get some expert tips from Caitlin on how to pair unexpected pieces together for a super comfy and high-fashion look.

Get a glimpse of our collaboration below as Caitlin shares her top 6 styling tips along the way.


 1. Groufit is a go.

"I recently learned what a “Groutfit” (an all grey outfit) is and have been obsessed ever since. The tank and joggers aren’t a perfect color match but both have texture, so they blend well together! This distressed denim jacket is a bit long and covers my booty, which kind of dresses up the look along with these leopard pring loafer flats."

Pictured: 1) Distressed Denim Jacket | 2) Twist Tank  | 3) Ruched Jogger


 2. Embrace spring with olive and blush tones.

"This look screams Spring! Olive and blush tones are complimentary and give the perfect light & airy balance to this look. Denim works with everything but this brighter shade is adorable!"

Pictured: 1) Denim Windbreaker | 2) Slinky Crop Pant - Olive | 3) Dolla Pizza Tank


3. Try a monotone look.

"Blush is still trending. I love a monotone look, in this case - blush on blush. This jacket feels like a sweatshirt but dresses up the tank with all the details. When doing a monotone look, keep it simple on the bottom!"

Pictured: 1) Stretch Moto Jacket | 2) Dolla Pizza Tank


 4. Pair neutral colors together.

"This new lip tee was the starting point because it’s adorable and uber soft! I wanted to keep the bottoms simple so we went with an easy charcoal crop pant with pockets. The navy duster was a fun addition for a little drama- neutral colors (navy, black, and grey) with fun details!"

Pictured: 1) Cutout Duster | 2) Mmmm Slouchy Tee | 3) Slinky Crop Pant - Charcoal


 5. Be playful with denim.

"Such a fun, playful look! White pants are always trendy in the summer and the mint tank just popped against them. This lighter wash denim jacket has a shorter cut and showed off the pants perfectly". 

Pictured: 1) Cherry - O! Tank | 2) Denim Jacket | 3) Drawstring Pant - White


6. Black on black is always a good idea.

"When layering different black pieces, play with texture. I love the way the shiny bomber jacket looks over the mineral washed tank".

Pictured: 1) Shiny Bomber | 2) Killer Ice Cream